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Hyper SAAS growth!

We'd like to give you the Solen SaaS growth acceleration white paper which will help you, whichever stage you are at in your journey.

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Hyper SAAS growth!

We'd like to give you the Solen SaaS growth acceleration white paper which will help you, whichever stage you are at in your journey.

Download our FREE guide to discover.

Leave a few details and we'll email the link

Thank you, please check your email for the pdf.
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Find Your Ideal Exit

A capital fund built by software founders, for software founders. Let's talk about how we can continue growing your company forever and amplify your legacy.

Lightning Fast Process

We value candor and simplicity. We move fast.

Generational Stewards

We think in decades. We are a permanent home for your legacy.

Owner Flexibility

Founders can team up with us to or go to their next adventure.

What We Do

Solen is an institutionally-backed permanent capital acquisition company investing in & partnering alongside founders building resilient software businesses in B2B software ecosystems.

Our hands-on team of operators propel growth by leveraging engineering, sales, marketing, finance, and operations expertise. 

Our Founder First Philosophy

Customer Centricity

At every turn, we ask "how can we provide more value to our customers?" We know that value capture will come in the long-run if we focus on the customer's needs today.

Propel Growth

We apply a proven playbook of strategies to drive growth and transform software at scale.
Our playbooks range from digital transformation, artificial intelligence, to implementing usage-based monetization via APIs.

Reinvestment Drives Growth

We have a growth mindset to re-invest capital in leadership, technology, and sales. You won’t find the suit and tie “Buy it, Lever it, Strip it, and Flip it” mindset with Solen.

Our Process

Say hello to fast painless exits,
goodbye to tire-kicking buyers without capital

Step 1
30 min
Intro Call

Share your journey (history, metrics, etc.) with us. Let's collaborate on how we can grow your company to new heights.


We will work collaboratively with your team on deal structure and Sign NDA.

Step 2
2 Days
Step 3
7 Days
Letter of Intent

We decide fast. Expect an offer within 7 days. We will collaborate on valuation, Letter of Intent, etc.


We have experience in facilitating and expediting what can otherwise be a painful process.

Step 4
30 days or less
All Set!

As soon as we finish the closing process, the exit is complete and you’ll get paid in cash!

How We're Different

We are paving the path to quick and easy exits
Vulture Capital
Private Equity

30 Day Process

Exploratory seller calls & extensive diligence

Constantly chasing 10x+ hurdles

Structure allows us to become a long-term sustainable home for the business

Flexible process with ready-to-fund partner

Musings on SaaS to your Inbox

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Happy Customers

High retention recurring revenue from products that consistently delight customers

Growing Ecosystems

Products benefiting from strong industry and/or marketplace tail winds with lots of growth ahead

Passionate Entrepreneurs

Independent and proud business builders. As entrepreneurs, we know how important your business is, and want what’s best for it.

Healthy Profitability

Model that realizes positive operating margins and annual free cash flow with revenue of at least $500k

People & Culture

Happy employees with low employee churn

Keep It Simple

We value candor and simplicity. We don't find it fashionable to use big words nobody understands.

Our Strike Zone

We like companies that mostly embody the following characteristics--a proven product in a growing industry with room to grow. A SaaS with $500k to $10M in Annual mostly Recurring Revenue. High Net Dollar Retention and Low Churn on a cohort basis with happy, sticky, customers. Healthy growth and margins.

We’re flexible. We are agnostic to geography (the world is flat!), industry, and whether founders stay as part of our growth plans or leave to start their next venture.

These are rules of thumb. Every company is distinct. Reach out to have a conversation! We value discretion and seek to be helpful in our conversations with founders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Founders Ask

What happens to me and my team post-deal?

We are flexible and don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to founder involvement post-transaction. Join us and help take the business to new heights or move on to your next adventure. Either way, we are here to preserve and build upon what you’ve built, and that means doing right by your team.

Why should I work with a partner like Solen?

We can provide you with liquidity for the business you’ve built through a painless process that won’t waste your time. We are a team of experienced operators that can scale and sustain your business over the long term while you take some chips off the table.

What if I don’t have extensive financials and documentation for a diligence process?

We’re here to make the process of a full or partial cash-out of your business as painless as possible. We can work collaboratively to build a P&L and answer the questions we’ll need to check off before closing in a streamlined manner.

Do I need to be located in a particular geography?

Great entrepreneurs and businesses can be found in all corners of the world. We will never force you or your team to relocate to work with us.

How long does the process usually take?

We pride ourselves on moving fast, and can go from first meeting to funding payouts in 30 days. Our committed capital structure allows us to make all decisions in-house and not wait for approvals and rubber-stamping.


What people say about us

Solen CEOs and Operating Partners

“We get constant private equity and generic interest from financial buyers. When we met Solen, right away we could tell the night and day difference."

J. Thorbergsson | SaaS CEO

“From the very first meetings, we were whiteboarding on product, technology and a growth vision for our company that I hadn’t fully appreciated. They are a team of partners looking to grow the overall pie."

M. Malum | SaaS COO and Investor

“It was clear from calls with the experienced strategic and operating teams at Solen that this was the kind of partner right for us - not a suit and tie financial buyer. The talent their team and network of operating partners can bring was highly impressive."

S. Berman | Head of Engineering at SaaS Company

“Solen from the very beginning came focused on adding value and expertise on the product, tech, marketing and sales side. But it was also apparent that they live by the principles on their website. I came away convinced by their respect for company culture and vision to be a good steward of our company’s future."

B. Jonsdottir | Product Leader at SaaS company

You Harvest What You Sow

We’ve found we can add value early on.

Irrespective of where you are on your journey, reach out to start a conversation!