Permanent Capital Partners with No Exit In Mind

Committed capital with no financing contingency.

We are a team of operators and technologists who scale SaaS products and work alongside founders to unlock growth. We work with a team of seasoned SaaS operating executives with decades of experience scaling Software from 5M to 50+M of ARR


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Founders Ask

What happens to me and my team post-deal?

We are flexible and don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to founder involvement post-transaction. Join us and help take the business to new heights or move on to your next adventure. Either way, we are here to preserve and build upon what you’ve built, and that means doing right by your team.

Why should I work with a partner like Solen?

We can provide you with liquidity for the business you’ve built through a painless process that won’t waste your time. We are a team of experienced operators that can scale and sustain your business over the long term while you take some chips off the table.

What if I don’t have extensive financials and documentation for a diligence process?

We’re here to make the process of a full or partial cash-out of your business as painless as possible. We can work collaboratively to build a P&L and answer the questions we’ll need to check off before closing in a streamlined manner.

Do I need to be located in a particular geography?

Great entrepreneurs and businesses can be found in all corners of the world. We will never force you or your team to relocate to work with us.

How long does the process usually take?

We pride ourselves on moving fast, and can go from first meeting to funding payouts in 30 days. Our committed capital structure allows us to make all decisions in-house and not wait for approvals and rubber-stamping.

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